Seps Now! (color separation key)


Seps Now! offers Seps Now! A fully automated, immediate and low cost alternative to color separations for screen printing. Sporting the fastest turn around times ever (Liturally Now!) Seps Now runs on your Adobe Photoshop (full version) CS3 or higher! Rush Orders?

Every order is treated as a rush order with Seps Now! But without the rush charge!

With the free Seps Now client running on your computer with Adobe Photoshop (full version) CS3 or higher installed, every color separation job is a trial until you purchase and redeem that sep. So you can try Seps Now for free every time you have a new job that needs a simulated process color separation. When your confident in the seps purchase and redeem that sep.

Using Seps Now is easy…

  1. Download and Unzip the free Seps Now client program and put it in a place where you’d like to use it. Like on your Desktop in a folder called Photoshop Tools or like that.
  2. Run Seps Now from your Adobe Photoshop (full version) CS3 or higher. To run Seps Now, go to your File menu and select Scripts then select Browse and browse to where you saved the unzipped download and click on it (see image below). Seps Now will create a simple set of seps with Base, Highlight White, Yellow, Red, Magenta, Lt. Blue, Blue, Green, Gray and Black.
  3. Use the simple editing tools to saturate your seps, pump up your base, tame the black, choke the base and halftone your seps if you don’t use a RIP.
  4. Purchase the color separation “Sep Key” below
  5. Redeem your Sep Key on the Seps Now program running on your Adobe Photoshop (full version) CS3 or higher.
  6. Close Seps Now, Save your seps and print your seps.


It’s that easy!See how easy it is to use and have seps on screens in as much time as it takes to get an artwork approval.


Download the Sep Now client below

Purchase a Seps Now Sep Key here…