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Send Us Your High End Color Seps

We'll do Your Seps. That's What We do!
You Just Need to do What You Already do Everyday...
Print Film, Burn Screens, Print Garments & Get Paid!

for as Low as

---------------== $59.95!** ==----------------

Do you have a design that requires more color separation time than you have? Or you just don't want to hassle with it yourself?

Let us create professional, custom color, press-ready seps
from your artwork that you can print film from
Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDRAW, PDF
or Individual Image Files

of your seps on your printer*
that work perfectly on your press.

Just e-mail your sep info...

  • How many colors do you need?
  • What size(s) are the images?
  • What color is the garment(s) that it will be printed on?
  • Will it be printed on a manual or automatic press?
  • How many locations are there?

Send that info and your artwork to

**$59.95 - Gets Your Seps in 72 hours

$79.95 - Gets Your Seps in 24 hours

$129.95 - Same day (when available)

*for best results use ink jet printers or image setters.
Laser velum sometimes shrinks in the imaging process making registration difficult

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